Animals2Go Pet Care Services

Service's we Offer:

Dog Walking

  • You can have your dog walked daily, weekly or on regular basis to suit your needs.
  • We will walk your dog in a safe place and play lots of games with them.
  • Lots of fresh water given on walk and after walk in the van.
  • Dogs will only be let off lead if their re-call is good and I have your written permission.
  • All travel time will be kept to a minimum and is not included in the walk time.
  • Before returning home they will be towel dried and muddy paws wiped off before coming back.
  • We will always leave your dogs exactly where stated in your home after their walk.
  • So if you are at work all day, business trip, on your holidays or running late for some reason.  Animals2Go is here to help you and your pets needs.
  • Daily log sheets of are activities will be left for you to read on return.

Doggy Day Care

  • If you would like doggy day care while you are out all day or at work.  I am here for you and your pets.
  • Your dog can be collected and delivered back to you from your home in our specialized fitted pet taxi. 
  • Your dog will join us in our family home and have at least 2 walks per day.  Socializing with other dogs on their walks and having fun.
  • Booking in advance would be appreciated.

Dog Boarding

  • Have your dog boarded in our family home with full insurance.
  • When you are away on your holidays your dog can have a holiday with us.
  • Animals2Go will walk, feed, play with them and we will love your pets just as if they were our own.  Your pets will feel loved and cared for from the moment they arrive.  Animals2Go will ensure your pet settles and loves their holiday home.
  • Your dog can be collected and delivered back to you from your home in our specialized fitted pet taxi if required.

Puppy Socialising and Elderly Dog Visits

  • Our puppy socialising means we take them out to socialise with other dogs, people and make some new friends and get used to the outside world.  Your puppy must be vaccinated before meeting other dogs.
  • We play ball and other variety of games with them.
  • Help with training if required.  Toliet training etc.
  • We know having to pop home from work once or twice a day to care for your puppy can be difficult at times, so we are here to help you if need us.
  • With elderly dogs we can do a home visit to let them out to the garden or take them for a walk for you.

Cat Home Visits

  • Animals2Go have proven to be very popular with clients that want to leave their cats at home in their own environment with familiar comforts and smells around them.
  • Cats are very territorial and are easily stressed when removed from their familiar surroundings.  Therefore by staying at home with their normal diet and routine your cat will remain happy, content and far less stressed then being in a cattery or any other place but home.
  • Each visit will last up to 20 minutes or for as long as you require and it includes feeding, given fresh water daily, cleaning up of any accidents, litter tray cleaned out, let cats in and outside, kitchen work tops and pet areas kept clean at all times. Cuddles and play with toys.
  • We administer medication required for your pets wellbeing.
  • Light household duties are also included at no extra cost to you.  Ask if any of the following are needed. Like bringing in the mail, milk, watering plants, opening and closing curtains and any lights to be kept on for security.
  • Home security checks will take place on every visit.

Pet Taxi Service

  • Like a taxi we will take your animal(s) to your desired location like the vets, groomers or just another location with in SO postcodes and surrounding areas.
  • We can transport everything from small pets, cats or large dog breeds.
  • We have a specialized fitted pet taxi.  Your pet wil be safe, secure and comfortable during their journey. Water provided at all times.

Small Animal Care

  • Animals2Go also have experience in caring for all small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and mice etc.  And are happy to provide home visits for other types of pets too.
  • Caged animals will be checked, cleaned and looked after as per your instructions by yourselves.
  • We also provide care for chickens, ducks and any other farm animals.