Animals2Go Pet Care Services

We offer a friendly professional pet care service, dog walking, doggy day care, home visits, small animal care, pet sitting, pet to vet and pet taxi and dog boarding.

Dog walking is a daily, weekly or on a regular basis service.  We are a reliable company and will never let you down.  We walk your dog(s) in the new forest every day for an hour. All the dogs have lots of fun playing together!

Travelling time is not included in the walk time.

Day care is exactly that; a place for your canine companion to spend the day with his friends, to play, learn new skills and relax in the care of professional staff.

It gives your dog-:

  • Relief from boredom and loneliness
  • Exercise, play and socialising with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior and anxiety
  • All-day supervision and training by professional staff

We can collect and drop your dog home if you live with a 5 mile radius. Or you can collect before 6PM.

Dog Boarding your dog will stay in our home and enjoy lots of walks.  They will receive lots of love, attention, play and socialize with other dogs. Feed as instructed from yourselves.  Better for your dog to be  in a home environment than kennels. This is less stressful for you dog.

Animals2Go also offer an alternative to kennels and catteries ensuring your pets are as happy as can be in your absence.  Cats are often distressed by these environments and are much happier to be in their own home. Our services ensure that for whatever reason you are unable to look after your pet for any period of time that your pet is safe, happy and in the best possible care.


Animals2Go is here for you and your pets needs.  Regularly recommended by local vets.

We are a fully insured and registered company, police checked and  references to show and we have specialized fitted out van's for your pets comfort and safety.


About Our Company

Animals2Go is a friendly professional, reliable and trustworthy company based in Southampton, Hampshire. We provide care for all animals in and around Southampton, Totton, Ashurst and Marchwood and surrounding areas.

Brand new salon on premises for our customers.  Please contact below for prices :-

Mutts Makeover would like to welcome you and your furbaby to our grooming salon for either their first groom or their 100th! We are City&Guilds qualified with only the newest and safest equipment available! We are also cage free!




Thank you so very much for looking after Merlot for us.  It mean't that we were able to travel from Kent to Southampton, going onto our friend's boat, with the knowledge that Merlot was safe and enjoying himself in your very capable professional hands!

Yve & John



Just wanted to say a big thank you for looking after our little girls.  We got home last night and they both happy and content.

Thank you again!



Thanks for stepping in at the last minute and taking care of Boris.

We did not think he would like being in a cattery and felt it better than someone was seeing him every day.

Many thanks


  I am very impressed with the service Alison and her team provide.  They take my dog, Robbie out twice a week and he always thoroughly enjoys his walks.  I have found everyone reliable and trustworthy.  Robbie has also been to stay with Alison and i was very happy with the high standard of care he received.  I would highly recommend Animals2Go.


  To Animals2Go and future clients

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your extremely hard work with my daschound, Molly. 

Molly is 4 years old this December 2010.  Up until meeting Alison this year Molly was completely out of control, she was a nightmare when we went out for a walk, barking and growling at other dogs and on some occasions fighting.  She would rarely let people near us because she was so over protective and when she did it was a awful, she was so grumpy all the time.

So after months of despair and not getting any better at all if any thing she was getting worse.  So i phoned Animals2Go to talk to Alison and explained all of are ups and downs, behaviour and therapists etc.  Alison said don't worry i will come over and do an assessment and have a chat with you.

Alison came over and we had a good chat about Molly.  Alison was very ressuring and said i will take Molly on and we will see what we can come up with.  Reluctantly i said ok but i don't hold much hope.  We agreed a plan of action and stuck to it.  I did not take Molly out on my own.  Alison came along to teach us both where i been going wrong. 

Alison took Molly out on her walks to socialize her with other dogs.  Weeks went by and i could see an approvement in Molly.

We are now in October 2010 and still Molly's improvement is a miracle.  Animals2Go has completely turned are lives around for the best.

I would like to say to Animals2Go and of course to Alison.  Thank you, thank you so much for all those talks and those words of wisdom, but most of all to Alison's devotion and compassion to Molly, long may it continue!



  Alison and Animals2Go team have been looking after Eddie since he has been a baby. 

They all provide a wonderful friendly, professional service and are always happy to help. 

Eddie had to have surgery on his leg last year and needed alot of attention and rest.  Alison was a life saver for us and Eddie as Alison was happy to do the physio on Eddie's leg and look after him as her own. 

I would recommend Animals2Go team whole heartedly!

Many Thanks!